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We offer an introductory Shaker box making class that lasts either two very long days or three full days. The course is provided at our workshop here in Kingsport, Tennessee, so where you are staying will determine whether the course should be two or three days in length.   It is best to allow two or more days between classes to allow the bands to dry before assembling the boxes.

Our course syllabus covers pattern making; band preparation, cutting, shaping and bending; inserting box bottoms and tops, pegging, and sanding.   Classes are held at our shop in Kingsport, TN.   The work shop is small measuring 10' x 20' and packs a lot of supplies and equipment is a this tiny space.   As a result our class size is one or a most two people; providing the student with the most individual instruction possible.  At the end of the course you will leave with three boxes ready to have a finish applied

The price of the class is $150.00 plus the cost of supplies.   A kit sufficent to make a nested box series of sizes 1 through 3 is currently priced at $35.00.   Lunch is at the discretion of the student and there are several local restuarant and fast food vendors.

Phone: 423-239-5103