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Included in this section are some commonly requested references. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

We use Old Fashioned Milk Paints on all of our painted Shaker bentware products. These are the same formula paints that the Shakers used. If you have never used or seen milk paints then you will find these warm colors inviting. You can view the available colors or learn more about milk paints by following the menu link on the left or clicking here.

Some of the woods used in our pens, pencils, pen holders, and clocks are foreign hardwoods. They may be common foreign hardwoods or exotic and rare species. But we also use a very large number of domestic sourced woods that have character and beauty. If you would like to select a hardwood or just learn more about what we use; use the menu link on the left or click here.

Included in the 'Tidbits' link on the menu to the left are stories about Shaker boxes, the woods we use or other interesting bits of information. you may also click here to access the same information.


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