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About Us

We are a small mom and pop craft artisan business.   We sell to our customers through galleries, art and craft shows, and online.   Our intent is to move our sales entirely through galleries and on the internet.   Although we are mom and pop, we operate a number of online business ventures.   Internally they are all consolidated under the name of clickerflicker.   So while your purchase is on this site, your credit card will likely show the company name of clickerflicker.

As a former chemical company executive I spent most of my career paying homage to the analytical side of my personality.   In my limited free time I satisfied my creative urges through stained glass, gardening, and woodworking.   Still, the stress in my life continued to build, culminating in a quadruple by-pass (Okay, so thirty-six years of smoking didn't help!).   So when Eastman Chemical Company offered an early retirement packaged, I jumped at the chance.

I was fortunate to receive a generous retraining allowance as part of my retirement package.   I put the money to excellent use learning new skills and polishing old ones.   I now work in a "man cave" complete with air conditioning, heating, 42 electrical outlets, refrigerator and computer.   But some how I seemed to keep the place covered in dust.

My wife, Linda, and I live nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountain chain where the climate is mild and the people are friendly.   And although we hail from the midwest, the kids and grandkids speak with accents.   Still it is a grand place to live and to retire.   The kids and their families live close by, so we have the enjoyment of growing older with them.   Linda and I love the comfort of being United Methodists and are active in our local church where we both sing in the choir.   Our health is decent.   God is good!

Phone: 423-676-9833